COVID-19 Coronavirus Customer Update


As the current unprecedented situation escalates I’d like to provide an update about some of the things we are doing at Roofspace Solutions to manage the impact of the virus, protect our colleagues, those who visit our sites and continue to be able to support our customers.

We are adopting a rigorous and precautionary approach to make sure we can operate as normally as possible and following the latest advice from the Government and the NHS. We have also been renewing our business continuity plans to make sure our business is prepared.

Maintaining supply
As part of the global Saint-Gobain Group we have a robust and diverse supply chain. We are evaluating the situation carefully on a daily basis to make sure we can keep any potential customer impact to an absolute minimum, keep our business operating smoothly and our supply chain functioning as normal. We do know that we can’t yet predict how the situation may unfold but we are as prepared as we can be.

Essential measures to protect colleagues’ and customers’ well-being
We’ve put in place a lot of measures to protect our colleagues who have been fantastic during this situation. We are providing regular advice on good hygiene practices and have access to hand sanitiser at our sites, branches and offices for our colleagues, customers and visitors to use. We are stepping up cleaning regimes [handrails, door handles, work surfaces, factory machinery, etc.]. We’ve also put in place a lot of preventative measures including widespread travel restrictions, working from home where possible, cancelling meetings – except those that are essential – and of course taking care of any colleague who feels unwell and asking them to self-isolate immediately. If necessary, where a colleague attends work and feels unwell we will be restricting or closing areas of our sites to undertake forensic deep-cleans to protect others.

We’re taking all the measures we can and are reviewing this daily to make sure we’re here to support our customers but to do so in a responsible and safe way that protects all those we care about.

Paul Terry
Managing Director Roofspace Solutions

Ross Baxter
Managing Director Off-Site Solutions

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