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A watertight property shell in just 5 days

Our collaboration with H+H means we can offer a complete watertight shell of a standard house design in just one week. Our i-House product combines quality, speed and safety of off-site manufacture with the performance benefits of aircrete.

We recognised there was a demand to increase the volume within the house building industry when skilled workers were in short supply. Working with H+H, we were able to design and produce an innovative solution.

Intended for domestic property construction up to three storeys, i-House consists of inner leaves of external cavity walls, separating walls, floors, lintels, cavity closures, insulation and roof trusses with the inclusion of soffit and fascia for the internal skin of the property which is then fully wrapped and ready for follow-on trades. i-House can be combined with i-Roof, or can be fitted with traditional roof trusses.

The large scale H+H Celcon Elements are manufactured from the same intrinsic material as aircrete blocks with the same performance advantages including excellent thermal performance with reduced heat loss at thermal bridges. Our experienced team will run the project from start to the delivery of the wrapped structure, allowing you to focus on other areas of your project, and the management of the follow on trades.

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