Providing a room-in-room solution for 2.5 storey homes we supply fully manufactured walls, floors and roofs complete with insulation and plasterboard. Our I-Roof product allows for a quick and easy on-site install, all managed from start to finish by our knowledgeable team.

The complicated build happens in our warehouse, so the risk to your employees, who traditionally work with unsupported blockwork and gables that could collapse in adverse weather conditions, is removed. The traditional blockwork is replaced with a secure timber engineered solution and works alongside traditional build methods, easily integrating into your existing build methodology.

Time means money, and with multiple installations delivered in just one day, your teams can continue with other elements of the build process without disruption.

  • Fully managed process from start to finish
  • Up to four units completed in one day
  • Reduces on-site wastage
  • Cost certainty
  • Specialist erection team provided

For further information on the I-Roof system contact info@roofspacesolutions.co.uk

View our I-Roof Installation Guide here.